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A luxury boutique hotel in the heart of ancient Marrakech


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Private Parties at Les Borjs

Les Borjs de la Kasbah luxury hotel Marrakech can be booked in its entirety for special events and celebratory occasions. Given its maximum capacity of 33 people and comprehensive range of facilities (restaurant, bar, lounges, spa and pool), the hotel is an ideal venue for small and medium sized reunions of family and friends, anniversary celebrations and other such events. Les Borjs de la Kasbah luxury hotel Marrakech is also ideal for golf parties and study groups.

Whatever the event, taking over the whole hotel has several advantages. In addition to being able to create the informal atmosphere of a private house party, one can arrange for meals, entertainment and excursions to be tailored perfectly to meet individual requirements. Not least, every member of the hotel team (typical staff to guest ratio 1:1) is dedicated not only to the overall comfort and convenience of this one group but to the total success of the event in question.


Moroccan themed evenings: always popular, these can be organised according to the budget available. To accompany a traditional Moroccan dinner of local specialities (tangia, tagines, couscous, pastillas etc) one can choose from a variety of entertainment acts including classical arabic and modern Moroccan music with oriental dancers, snake charmer, fire eater and folk groups. Moroccan evenings are usually held in the dining patio, between bar and restaurant, but for those extra special occasions a lavish buffet banquet can be mounted in a festively decorated marquee erected over the main patio of the Les Borjs de la Kasbah luxury hotel Marrakech with the central fountain retained as the focal point. Pre-dinner cocktails are often served, and entertainment staged, beside the swimming pool. Musicians and dancers also join diners during the banquet in the marquee.  


Special terms, saving between 15% (HIGH season) and 35% (LOW season) on advertised accommodation prices, depending on time of year, are available to those wishing to reserve the entire hotel for their exclusive use. The cost of meal options, musical and other entertainment (folk troupes, fire eater, snake charmer, magician), excursions and other services (cookery classes) can be quoted on request but 20% reductions on spa prices will be available to all guests. Prices are inclusive of accommodation, breakfasts, local taxes, airport welcome and transfer to Les Borjs de la Kasbah luxury hotel Marrakech..

Arrangements for exclusive bookings are not possible online and special conditions apply so please Contact Us to discuss your particular requirements and for further information about what can be proposed.

See our Groups page for prices and further information

Sole use of entire hotel

  03/01/16 - 05/02/16
11/06/16 - 02/09/16
29/10/16 - 23/12/16
06/02/16 - 04/03/16
30/04/16 - 10/06/16
03/09/16 - 30/09/16
05/03/16 - 29/04/16
01/10/16 - 28/10/16
24/12/16 - 02/01/17
Sole use of Hotel 16000 dh 22000 dh 28000 dh
  03/01/17 - 06/02/17
10/06/17 - 01/09/17
28/10/17 - 22/12/17
07/02/17 - 03/03/17
29/04/17 - 09/06/17
02/09/17 - 29/09/17
04/03/17 - 28/04/17
30/09/17 - 27/10/17
23/12/17 - 01/01/18
Sole use of Hotel 18000 dh 24000 dh 30000 dh

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