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A luxury boutique hotel in the heart of ancient Marrakech

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Pool with hammam and borj Pool with sun terrace Poolside bar Hammam (left) and borj

Swimming Pool

Discreetly located some 25 m from the hotel's main patio is the secluded leisure area, on a site formerly occupied by three small houses. Here we find an imposing, renovated 'borj' (watchtower) set into 7m high defensive walls at the foot of which is a 10m x 5m heated swimming pool, its depth shelving from 1m to 2m. Along one side is a south facing sunbathing terrace with loungers and parasols.

On the opposite side of the pool from the sun terrace is a new building housing the first floor spa and, at ground level, a small poolside bar where drinks are served, including an outstanding range of cocktails, including non-alcoholic options. Snacks and light meals, prepared in the hotel's kitchen, may also be taken here. Adjacent to the bar are two changing rooms with showers and toilets for pool users. Towels are provided.

Please note: the hotel's dress code requests pool users not to frequent public spaces such as patios, lounges and dining room in the hotel itself, in swimwear or other inappropriate attire.



The poolside bar

The following is a list of light snacks and refreshments available at our poolside bar:

Caesar Salad with chicken Salade niçoise with tuna

A selection of sandwiches

Oriental pizza (spicy merguez, aubergine)

Traditional bolognaise lasagne

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and parmesan

Tagliatelle with creamy spinach

Iced red wine with lemonade.  Iced tea or iced coffee

and, of course, a full bar service is available